I have to come right out and say this. This movie was flat out HILARIOUS! This is a film that tackles a real world issue of acceptance and puts a positive and comical spin on it. I Feel Pretty has the potential to be the feel good movie of the summer. I got a good sense of what this movie would be like from the trailers, but the film still managed to surprise me at some parts.



I’ve never really been a fan of Amy Schumer. I did not like her other projects Trainwreck or Snatched at all. She is a cringe-worthy comedian who I simply did not find funny, that is until I sat down and watched this movie. I Feel Pretty is about an overweight woman who hates the way she looks. She believes the only way she will get noticed is if she changed her image, and in today’s society that is sadly accurate. She then has an accident while working out where she bumped her head and now believes she looks like a model.

That scenario is a real wish for some overweight women, that they can wake up one day and be many pounds lighter and look better. Unfortunately, there’s this stigma in the world that you have to look a certain way to be accepted as pretty and normal. I was laughing non-stop at this movie from beginning to end. From Schumer’s pure awkwardness to her weird voiced boss, you will find yourself cracking up saying “this movie is so stupid” over and over.



The end of this movie went about as expected. It was funny, but still found ways to get their main point across. That point was that if you love yourself before anyone else, you will find happiness no matter what. So stop trying to be someone you’re not because you want to fit in or be accepted. Form you’re own path. If you’re looking for something fun to go see then be sure to check out I Feel Pretty while it is still in theaters.

I Feel Pretty gets a strong 7 out of 10 on the ScreenKingz Watch Meter. It was an experience unlike any other with the kind of humor that’ll make you constantly wonder “who thinks of this stuff?”

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