Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done it again! Fresh off of his wildly prosperous  blockbuster, Jumanji, Johnson wrestled another popular video game hoping to have the same success. Rampage was a well liked arcade game back in the ’80s where players take control of one of three super sized monsters and are tasked with destroying entire cities rounds at a time. The movie followed that same construct and executed it very well.

The trailers and hype for this movie were justified. The story-line that they chose to follow for this movie was a bit annoying, but the interactions with and between the animals from beginning to end was fantastic. It took a while for the action to ramp up, but once the animals started growing, the movie went to another level visually. The end of Rampage was a bit of a tear-jerker for those of you that cry during movies. However, this movie had a righteous conclusion that I’m sure everyone will love.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan was amazing in his role as Agent Harvey Russell. He offered a bit of a comedic relief for a cast that pretty small in terms of speaking roles. For a 52 year old, he still has this grittiness that makes him still fit into an action movie of this caliber. Same thing with Johnson, he isn’t getting any younger, yet he is still bringing the thunder in every action movie he is in. The 45 year old was perfect for this role of Davis Okoye. It was totally normal to see him interact with gorillas mainly because I’m sure he could take a few of them in a fight. Malin Akerman played the role as the antagonist, Claire Wyden, well in this movie. I always know when a villain is doing a good job when I genuinely grow to despise them. I know when a villain is doing a great job when they get me to view their viewpoint on why they are doing what they are doing. Akerman was good, not great.

Overall, this is a movie that I would definitely watch again and again. This movie gave me all the feels because of the heartwarming story it told. I am a huge fan of primates, and through watching this movie I have no doubt that you will join me on that boat. The connection that you will form for George  will be a lasting one that will have you walking out the theaters saying “I love that freaking gorilla”.


Rampage earns a very respectable 8.5 out of 10 on the ScreenKingz Watch Meter. It is a very fun movie for the entire family that has tons of action and destroyed buildings to keep you on the edge of your seat. Definitely catch this one in theaters while you can.

The Rock will be back this summer with another action thriller called Skyscraper. Be sure to check out our site for a trailer and preview of what he has in store.




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