So we’ve all been there. In the midst of an intense game of truth or dare when things start getting weirdly personal and people start taking things way too far. Well that’s what this film did with the innocent game of truth or dare. Headlined by the stars of teen hit tv shows Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, Truth or Dare is a horror movie based around the ever popular party game.


If you can get past the crazy faces that people asking “truth or dare” made throughout the movie, you can see the pure creativity of where the writers went with such a simple game. I will admit, I did not have high expectations for this movie going into it. I thought it would be a little too cheesy and just super fake and well, I was right. The cast is what really saved this movie for me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With the general premise of this movie being a group of friends go on a trip to mexico for spring break, this movie could have been as basic as every other teen horror movie. Instead, they chose to throw a few wrinkles into this plot to make it stand out.

This was a movie where you feel like you can guess how it is going to end until you get proven completely wrong. Truth or Dare was a constant roller coaster that keeps the viewers involved as the audience is steady trying to figure out who’s next and how crazy their truth or dare is.


Truth or Dare is definitely the type of movie that can be revived with a sequel even though I highly doubt that will happen. Either way, the ending of this movie left the door open. This movie earns a 6 out of 10 on the ScreenKingz Watch Meter. It was a fun and engaging movie that did the most it could under the circumstances of the game.

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