So I was sitting down scrolling through my fandango app to find a new movie to see, and that’s when I found it. A true diamond in the ruff, Bad Samaritan. This movie quite literally came out of no where. I haven’t seen any previews or trailers from it. I haven’t seen anyone mention it, it just appeared. Hell, I was literally the only person in the theater when I saw it. The premise is super original. Two thieves that pull off house burglaries by posing as valet do a job one night on a man with a very nice house. Well come to find out, this man holds many secrets in that house including kidnapping and torture. The main character is tasked with whether to turn a blind eye to what the man is doing or take action against him even if he will get in trouble for burglary.


With this being such an original concept, there were many ways that this movie could have gone. That is what made this so exciting to watch. The intensiveness of house burglary mixed with the workings of a mad man and the presence of a pure moral dilemma is something you just don’t see in movies too often. David Tennant (Harry Potter, Jessica Jones) played the fantastic role of Cale Erendreich that isn’t suited for too many people. It was immensely believable to the point where if I saw him in real life I probably wouldn’t trust him for a second.
I have very few complaints about this movie. The acting could’ve been better, there’s no denying that, but these weren’t polished actors by any means. That reason alone is most likely why this movie didn’t get any buzz. This was only my second time seeing Robert Sheehan on the big screen and my first time seeing Carlito Olivero, but they held up nicely. Another pseudo complaint is the length of the movie. I felt the movie dragged a little, but in doing so it gave way for more creativity with the story-line. It gave us an opportunity to see just how crazy this man was. They probably could have done a better job with clarity behind the reason of his psychotic nature, but that’s just me nit-picking.
Creative horror movies are making a strong comeback with “A Quiet Place”, “Truth or Dare“, this, and “Breaking In” coming out soon. It’s refreshing to watch a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its unpredictability and fright factor. Bad Samaritan won’t do numbers in the box office, but its so deserving. I’m saying it right now, you have to go out and see this movie if you can. I know you all need something else to get your mind off of what happened in Avengers Infinity War, this is it.
Bad Samaritan comes in at a 7 out of 10 on the Screen Kingz Watch Meter. A very original horror movie with a myriad of twists that keep you guessing. Definitely check this out in theaters while you can.

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