A Quiet Place is a movie like no other. It offers a surprisingly cool twist of direction from the modern day horror films such as “The Strangers” or “It”. The new looking scope of this movie is what had people so excited to see it. That, along with the fact that the married couple in the movie (John Krasinski and Emily Blunt) are actually married in real life. That is the type of chemistry that can’t be coached.


The movie started off wasting no time with showing the wrath of the monsters that haunted them. The premise of the movie is simple. Stay quiet and live or make a sound and die. The Abbot family of five (at the time) were on a supply run when their youngest son found and kept a battery-operated toy that made a loud noise. He pulled out the toy and played with it on the road back home and that is when the sound went off. Shortly thereafter he was killed. The movie then flashes into the future and Evelyn Abbot is pregnant again and the family house has taken many precautions to stay protected.

Through research and experience, the Abbots have figured out that there are at least three creatures in their area and they only haunt by sound. Their weaknesses were unknown at the time, but they were vicious in their attacks and seemingly blind.


The daughter of the family, Regan, was deaf and wore a hearing aid. One of which, her dad was trying to perfect to get her to finally hear sounds. She was the rebellious one of the family because she felt that her dad didn’t love her anymore because she blames herself for her little brother’s death. She was right, it was her fault. She gave him the toy after her father said no, but little girls are sometimes extra so her behaviors weren’t a surprise.

The most critical part of the movie was when Evelyn’s water broke while Lee and their son, Marcus, were out. The creatures were already on alert because of a scream she let out when she stepped on a nail. Luckily they had lights set up around the property that shined red when there was danger present. Lee saw these lights and commanded his son to set off fireworks to cause a distraction for Evelyn while she pushed on with the labor.


The dad ended up sacrificing himself to save his family, but not before an extremely heartwarming moment telling his daughter that he always loved her. It was then on Evelyn to save her family. Regan figured out that her hearing aids caused a frequency disturbance that really messed with the creature’s head. Evelyn also figured this information out and used it to kill one of the monsters. The movie ended with the other two creatures running towards the house and Evelyn cocking back her shotgun getting ready for war. It was an intense conclusion that ended way too soon. I know everyone in my theater wanted more when the credits began to roll.

A Quiet Place was a fantastic movie that was built for theater viewing (as long as other people are quiet inside of your theater). My hope is that the success of this movie serves as a stepping stone for more creative horror movies in the future. Movies like this one inspire me to began writing my own film.


This movie comes in at a 10 out of 10 on the Screen Kingz Watch Meter for sheer creativity and execution in such a difficult movie to write and direct. It’s not very often that a movie is such a success with only six actors/actresses.

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